Auto Remove App Documentation

Auto Remove App Documentation


Installing the Auto Remove app is incredibly simple and follows the standard Shopify process.

Simply find the app on the Shopify app store and click the ‘Add app’ button.

Find it on the Shopify App Store

Opening the app

Once installed, the app can be found in the apps section of Shopify. In the apps section, simply click the apps name or icon and it will open.

Open App

Alternatively, you can find a link to the app in your product overview or product detail pages in Shopify's admin. In both pages, you will find it in the 'More actions' menu:

Products Overview

If you open the app from a product detail page, you will find the app has conveniently filtered the products down to the product you were on:

Product detail page

Finding a product

The easiest way to find a product is to simply go to the product in your Shopify admin and click 'Schedule auto removal' from the 'More actions' menu as detailed above.

Alternatively, if you have navigated to the app either through the app screen or product overview screen, you have two options:

The easiest method is by using the search bar. Simply enter the name of the product you wish to find and it will be filtered in the list. Show all the products again by removing the search term from the search bar.


Alternatively, you can simply scroll to the product. You may wish to change the direction in which the products are ordered in the list. Change the ordering by clicking the ‘Title’ heading. It will toggle between ascending and descending alphabetical order.


Ten products are displayed at a time so you may need to switch pages using the ‘pagination’ at the bottom of the list.


Setting the removal date

Once you have found the product you wish to schedule for removal, you will need to select whether you are removing the product from online store sales channel or completely deleting it.


The difference between these two options is as follows:

  • Remove from online store sales channel - at the date and time you specify, the product will be removed from the online store sales channel. However, the product will still remain in Shopify but your customers will simply not be able to purchase it. With this option, you can still bring the product back in the future if you wish. Please note, the product will remain for sale on Facebook, buy now button or any other sales channel.

  • Delete - at the date and time you specify, the product will completely deleted from Shopify. You will not be able to bring it back once it has been deleted.

If you select to delete a product, you will be presented with a popup asking if you are sure you want to delete it. However, your product will not be deleted until the date and time you select is reached and only if you have clicked save.


Next, you need to select the date and time the product should be deleted. Click the ‘Removal date & time’ field corresponding to the product and a date/time selector will appear. Select the date and time on which you would like the product to be removed from sale. If you wish to make a manual adjustment, then you are free to do this in the field.

End date

Finally, once you have finished setting to removal date and time for your products, click the blue save button at the bottom of the screen:


If it has been successful, you should see the following popup:


Now, when the selected date and time is reached, the product will either be removed from the online store sales channel or completely deleted, depending on what you selected.

Bringing a product back for sale

After a product has been removed from sale on the online store sales channel, it is perfectly possible to bring it back.

To bring it back, navigate to the product as you normally would in Shopify’s admin.

Once in the product, click the ‘Manage’ link in the ‘Product availability’ section.

A popup will appear. Simply re-tick the ‘Online store’ option, click Done and then save the product.



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