Auto Remove App

Auto Remove App

Automatically remove products from your Shopify store

Need to remove a product from sale? Going to be away? No problem! Schedule the automatic removal of products from your store.

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We are official Shopify Partners with solid Shopify Plus experience.

Schedule product removal

If you need to schedule the removal of a product from sale, simply enter a date and time and relax knowing it will happen automatically.

Remove from sale or delete
For any product you schedule to remove, you can choose to either remove it from sale, so you can bring it back, or completely delete it.

Save time
Don’t inconvenience yourself waiting to manually remove a product. Get Auto Remove to do it for you!

Why schedule product removal?
Oftentimes, store owners need to remove products from sale. Perhaps for a promotion or a time limited product.

Some store owners will need to do this on a regular basis. For example, stores that are selling tickets to events that occur on a set date and time.

So what happens if you need to remove a product when you’re not going to be around to do it manually? Maybe you’re going to be on holiday or tucked up in bed.

As standard, Shopify allows you to schedule a product becoming available on your site. But unfortunately, you cannot schedule a product becoming unavailable.

How does it work?
Auto Remove is super simple. You get a really easy new admin screen where you will find all of your products listed. You can search for products by name to track them down quickly.

Once you’ve got your product, simply select a date and time for when the product should be removed and your product will be removed from sale on your webstore.

By default, it will simply remove the product from sale, but the product will still remain in Shopify’s admin, so you can bring it back again if you so wish.

You can choose to instead delete the product, which will completely delete the product from the system.

Unfortunately Shopify will only allow us to remove products from sale on your webstore. So, if you have products for sale on other channels such as Facebook then your product cannot be removed.

Auto Remove can however delete the product which will effectively remove it from sale for all channels, but please do be aware that the product cannot then be brought back.

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